Delivering the Thames Freeport bid is an important part of the Estuary’s post #covid recovery and will help it to level-up. A freeport would be a major shot-in-the-arm for communities along the river creating more than 25,000 well-paid jobs #BackTheBid

Alan Shaoul, CFO of @DPWorldUK, highlights how the #ThamesFreeport will be a game changer for UK economy, building new trading connections with the rest of the world and unlocking economic growth for the entire country.

.@CommonsIntTrade @SteveBarclay says: “This policy is incentivising businesses to go after innovation and invest in the areas that need levelling up. It’s about incentivising production in the deprived areas.”

#levellingup #freeports #regeneration

.@CommonsIntTrade @SteveBarclay says: “The Levelling Up agenda is not limited to coastal communities. Within Freeports it’s important to look at non-port areas for regeneration and the levelling up opportunity." #levellingup #freeports #regeneration ⚖️

.@CommonsIntTrade @SteveBarclay says:

“Economic benefits will vary between sites and between the sectors which those sites focus on. Freeports will attract inward investment, trade and create jobs. It will enable innovation and trade to create quality jobs.”

#freeports #jobs

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