It was a pleasure to welcome Minister for Transport Wendy Morton @morton_wendy to DP World London Gateway #LevellingUp

Last night we hosted a dinner with @London_First at #MIPIM to celebrate the resilience and potential of London and the UK.

Thank you to @JulesPipe and @City_McGuinness for celebrating how business and trade can be an engine for regeneration across the UK.

We're excited for tonight's London Government dinner at #mipim, supported by @DPWorldUK, where we'll be bringing London business & government together with remarks from @City_McGuinness @cityoflondon & @julespipe @LDN_gov

No location comes close to matching Thames Freeport’s capacity for delivering to your domestic and global markets at speed. Find out more, and become part of the wave of innovation, investment, and regeneration at Thames Freeport:

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