Launched today, #ThamesFreeport is set to become Europe’s largest regeneration project and logistics hub. Combining the expertise and capabilities of our partners, our freeport is ready to drive business and connect you to the world:

From the expansion of London Gateway to innovative clean energy technologies, the launch of @ThamesFreeport marks the start of Britain's trading future. As a Freeport innovation partner, we're driving business and connecting you to the world:

Thames Freeport@ThamesFreeport

NEW: Launched today, #ThamesFreeport marks a new beginning for Britain’s trading future, bringing fresh investment, growth and jobs to communities. Learn about the opportunities being created by Thames Freeport:

Keynote speaker at today’s Thames Freeport launch event, Chancellor of the Exchequer @RishiSunak shared his enthusiasm for the wave of opportunities set to be unlocked by our new economic zone.

Find out more about Thames Freeport, here:

Speaking at today’s @ThamesFreeport launch, Transport Secretary @grantshapps said: ‘The Thames is instrumental in the growth of London. Today is a new chapter, #ThamesFreeport will create a maritime super hub serving the whole of the South East and the UK.’

Great morning at the launch of @ThamesFreeport, hearing from @RishiSunak @grantshapps @DP_World @forthports @SallyJJonesEY as part of London International Shipping Week🚢

And thanks to my ultimate hype man @richard_bpa for the picture!

Richard Ballantyne BPA@richard_bpa

Go @lizzzburden! Chairing the @ThamesFreeport and @ukshipping trade connections discussion panel

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